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Best website agency for use

Website agency in ethiopia

Power At Your Fingertips

    You deserve a satisfying website! From the best Website agency in Ethiopia! whether it’s for personal use, or  business purpose to instantly boost your level of excellence and dominance in what you do for a living, 

    Unlike other amazing website designer agencies in Ethiopia, Africa these are 4 key factors why you must love to work with us! 

    We happen to be the only website designer agency in Ethiopia to provide glorious African digital art as a design feature 

    Your website will be delivered in just 21 days! Friendly to work together but too serious when it comes down to deadlines.

   95% of agencies in Ethiopia build websites with out SSL certificate leaving brands and artists in danger of losing their money making website.

   We will give you an exceptional website with an exceptional price including an outpacing security.

Recently made website design

Yene Pro

ብር 24,000 One time payment
  • Full Website Design
  • Google Ads Integrated
  • Ethiopian Digital Graphics
  • Automatic Social Media Integration

Yene Gold

Enter your description
ብር 16,000 One time payment
  • Full Website Design
  • Automatic Social Media Integration
  • Ethiopian Digital Graphics

Yene Silver

Enter your description
ብር 9,100 One time payment
  • Full Website Design

Woinshet Goshu

Branding Manager

Vida Art


Yonatan Efrem

Graphics Designer 

Legendary Support

You take care of your business and worry less about your website because we are here to serve your needs. 

You will have full support If necessary but we make sure everything is set in the 1st place.

Join our company

   We love working together! Feel free to join us on the process of making our clients win in the competitive industry.

About payment

You are not forced to pay the full price, You just have to pay an advance of 1,000br then you will only pay once you have your website live

That’s how much we are super confident and 

Yene website agency ...

  • Modern brands
  • Artist portfolio
  • Organization

    For small – big sized Ethiopian modern brands, International Artists, Photographers, TV-Shows, Hotels and serving, Books, Tour agencies and Tour guides + many other unique business holders.

CLIENTS ASK ... (about our service and website design )

1. How do you provide such an amazing website design for the listed cheap price?


  Most website agency in Ethiopia charge starting from 20,000ETB and that is because they have office rent to pay + Office employees and other

expenses to cover,
  But since we are 
online driven company we have fewer expenses for you to struggle with. 


2. How much experience do you have on website design and development? 


     Although our team members have verified expertise, We launched our company this year but deep down you are not looking for experiences right?
Yes! You are begging for results better than experiences.  We only do 1 thing which is building fully functioning website And we are super good at it!